Emergent Design

Justen Hyde

Justen is co-founder and Managing Director. In addition to project management he works on image processing and data analysis.

His career so far has included research and development of face recognition technologies for the construction and air travel industries, high speed signal processing for non-contact flow measurement in industrial settings and writing user interfaces for portable differential pressure sensors.

He holds a Masters in electronic engineering and a PhD in image processing from the University of York. He regularly cycles, swims and runs but is desperately trying to ignore suggestions that he should do a triathlon. He has collected an impractical number of board games and would quite like to play them more often.

Dan Parnham

Dan is co-founder and Chief Technical Officer. He’s responsible for the design and development of our entire software infrastructure, management of the software build and packaging process, researching new technologies and techniques, and looking after our servers.

Having previously worked alongside Justen in the research and development of face recognition technologies he has also created software for communication with legacy instrumentation, vehicle tracking, and an augmented environment museum display.

He received a Masters in electronic and computer engineering followed by a PhD in image processing from the University of York. He’s a competent archer, occasional fencer, and regular runner.


We’re always looking for new members to join our team. If you’re interested in image processing, interface design or any other aspect of our work then get in touch; especially if you like the idea of building real, tangible equipment to improve the efficiency of industrial production lines.

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